Elevating Arizona with Every Bite.

No Good Food Should Go to Waste.

Simply Pure cheerfully donates unsold fresh food items to organizations helping those in need across the Phoenix metro area.

Fostering the Chefs of Tomorrow.

Simply Pure supports the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP) which helps underserved high school students develop skills for success in the kitchen and in life by providing executive level oversight and guidance. Locally, more than 6,500 students that are enrolled in C-CAP Arizona programs are being prepared for career opportunities in the ever-growing restaurant and hospitality industries through classroom, kitchen and internship opportunities. Success stories in Arizona include students who have earned placement in prestigious culinary schools, won national contests and become personal chefs for local luminaries.

Coffee CULTure.

When Simply Pure wanted to expand its coffee offering, they went in search of a local provider of the highest quality products. Enter CULT Coffee Roaster, a Valley favorite for over 20 years. Offering hand roasted, sustainably sourced coffee beans as well as an extraordinary array of nitro cold brews, handcrafted teas and all-natural botanical infusions, your team’s caffeine addicts and tea aficionados are sure to be satisfied. While their ‘Innovation Lab’ continues to introduce signature products like the popular BrowLifter line, you’ll enjoy the convenience of serving these coffee house style beverages right in the office.