Want Happier Employees? Feed Them.

The Benefits of a Simply Pure Solution in Your Office.

Food is an easy way to participate in an overall corporate wellness program. Simply put, access to delicious, healthy food without having to leave the office can be vital to your bottom line.

You – and your employees – get time back

An estimated 105 productivity hours/month saved

You don’t have to manage a catering program

Simply Pure offers cost-effective SmartFridge, MicroMarket, Pantry and Coffee solutions

Your teams become productivity machines

Studies show that employees with healthy diets are 66% less likely to experience a drop in productivity

Your employees may save money

Wellness programs can lead to a 26% reduction in overall health-related costs

Your employees love their jobs – and want to stay

46% of workers say having healthy food choices at work would increase their job satisfaction

Your company culture soars

60% of employees would collaborate more with co-workers if lunch options were available in the office

Is your mouth starting to water at the thought of a Simply Pure SmartFridge in your office? Give us a call!